StreetPrint Surface Treatments in , Rancho Cordova

For attractive, decorative paving surfaces, nothing is quite like Ennis-Flint StreetPrint®. It turns ordinary asphalt into something extraordinary.

Cook Engineering is among only eight California contractors who have been authorized to install StreetPrint through a rigorous training and certification process. StreetPrint is superior in many ways to stamped concrete and pavers. It is cost-efficient, can be installed quickly, and greatly reduces the tripping hazards that brick and paving stones present.

StreetPrint is ideal for continuous long-run surfaces because expansion joints are unnecessary. The patented StreetPrint embossed heat stamping process can produce a wide variety of rich colors and detailed textures, including ADA-compliant, skid-resistant coatings. It can be applied as an overlay to a standard asphalt surface or in many cases can be used to enhance your existing asphalt. The experts on the Cook Engineering team can make those determinations.

We can replicate the look of cobblestone, brick, slate or other materials in durable coated asphalt. Choose from numerous brick stamping patterns, including herringbone, offset brick and fanned concentric circles. StreetPrint treatment is perfect for making driveways, crosswalks, walking paths, sports playing surfaces and parking lots distinctive. We also can re-bond older asphalt surfaces to restore or change faded color, and we are skilled in seamlessly patching imperfections in older textured and colored asphalt surfaces.

And, yes, we can and do offer StreetPrint paving as a subcontracted service to other paving and general contractors and developers for commercial, residential and governmental projects.

What is StreetPrint Pavement Texturing™?

Paving, Excavating, Grading

StreetPrint is an innovative new way to decorate existing asphalt. It turns ordinary asphalt paving into a versatile, artistic, and durable decorative solution.

StreetPrint applications are countless. Use it on driveways, crosswalks, parking lots, or entryways. See some examples on our Projects page.

Installation is quick and efficient!

Compared to other decorative paving solutions, StreetPrint provides the quickest installation and the least amount of disruption to foot or automotive traffic.

StreetPrint, Rancho Cordova 

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