Asphalt paving, in Rancho Cordova

Cook Engineering is committed to providing high-quality asphalt paving project services. Our paving crews have expertise in paving parking lots, driveways, private roads, bike paths, walkways and aesthetically pleasing streetscape improvements.

We can customize the asphalt surfaces as well. Treatments that we can apply include:

• Ennis-Flint DuraTherm® thermoplastic inlay asphalt surfacing system for streetscape beautification. Through heat-set techniques to imprint new or existing asphalt, DuraTherm is durable – as its name indicates – and yields remarkably attractive results. We can apply inlays in an array of imaginative patterns and a broad spectrum of colors. Upon completion, the inlaid material is flush with the surrounding asphalt surfaces, suitable for wheelchairs and walkers, and in compliance with ADA requirements.

• Ennis-Flint DecoMark® thermoplastic technology to apply custom team and company logos, directional markings and other artwork to paving surfaces. This treatment is flush with surrounding surfaces, skid-resistant, and lasts six to eight times as long as painted markings.

TrafficPatternsXD™ to create decorative crosswalks, traffic calming surfaces and traffic pattern markings. This high-quality thermoplastic Ennis-Flint skid-resistant surface stamping product is heat-set into underlying conventional asphalt. Resembling brickwork when complete, it is much smoother than bricks or paver stones, but every bit as attractive.

Ride-A-Way™ acrylic coatings, particularly suitable to distinguish bike lanes, pedestrian walkways and other designated surface areas. These coatings, made by Ennis-Flint, are available in a variety of colors, and we can apply them to concrete as well as asphalt surfaces. The water-based, acrylic formulation of Ride-A-Way meets EPA requirements for VOCs.

Cyclegrip® MMAX surface treatments by Ennis-Flint to improve motorists’ and cyclists’ bike lane awareness and safety. Made with methyl methacrylate resins (which also are used in dentistry), Cyclegrip® MMAX is an extremely durable, high-visibility and color-stable treatment with excellent non-slip properties.

Cook Engineering also has expertise in applying StreetPrint decorative asphalt paving.

Whatever you need, we make it happen.